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welcome to the world of adventure e toys

I see a lot of toys on the regular. Dirtbikes, sleds (snowmobiles, for clarification), ski bikes, mountain bikes, jet skis, wake boats, paddleboards, whitewater kayaks… the list goes on. It’s indicative of the lifestyle we lead ‘round here. In the interior mountains of BC, Canada, in our adventurous little community, we play. 

But to enjoy some of these toys, folk have to burn that dirty ‘ol gasoline. And in the process, create tons of unwanted (and now unnecessary) air and noise pollution. 

Enter… the future

Allow me to introduce adventure e toys into your world…


There’s nothing like being out there, in nature. Regardless of how you access it, being submerged in a forest or seascape, with nothing but the elements and the silence (or at least the lack of human noise). 

Recent advances in technology have enabled a multitude of companies to explore electric power as a means of powering their toys. With that comes a myriad of other benefits, apart from the obvious savings in emissions. Quiet operation being a big one!

So what’s out there?

Well to start, e dirt bikes have gained momentum with companies now offering a range of bikes, from full motocross bikes from industry leaders like KTM, to crossovers and ultra lightweight bikes from newcomers in the scene like Segway. 

And electric ATV’s share a similar story, with multiple companies producing some great electric quads. 

But let’s say that you’re not into the “go fast and get hurt” scene. More of a survivalist, perhaps. E UTV’s (or Electric Utility Vehicles) prove to be a workhorse worth their weight in certain circles. These side by side setups are ideal for farm life, but also for hunting. The travel range you get from these puppies doesn’t outperform gas powered UTVs, however their stealth mode sure adds massive points to their overall score.

I mean, if you’d like to travel through the forest looking for game, essentially screaming, then go for it. But  I’m all for working smarter, not harder. 

Quiet, clean and capable of impressive hauling payloads, (very important when hauling your years’ supply of meat back to camp), these units can carry up to 6 people. 

However, if hunting is not your thing, you can still experience mind blowing outdoor exploration with electric vehicles that blur the lines between e UTV’s and rally cars.

Nikola’s NZT…Check it out

These toys will provide hours of exhilaration during most of the year. But what happens when the snow flies?


Winter here in the mountains brings a whole new dimension to life. New crowd, new landscape… new toys to play with, like sleds.


Combustion sleds are touted for being dirty and noisy. Canadian company Taiga has broken away from the mould creating a clean, quiet, more torquey machine that rivals its opponents. Though a single battery cant compete with it’s gas guzzling counterparts in terms of range, switching them out is simple and quick, effectively gaining you all the thrills you can handle for one day.

And one of it’s huge claims… maintenance free. As anyone with a sled will tell you… that in itself is a massive drawcard. These things get pushed to the limit on the regular. Less to maintain means more time to ride. 

Worth noting is it’s near silent operation. Conventional sleds are loud. I assure you. 

Like… hear them in the valley from the mountains, kinda loud. 

Now, people making noise and annoying other people is one thing. But how about lots of people making lots of noise in cariboo country? This is a real world issue. 

*side note* Governments have considered officially shutting down massive backcountry access areas across BC due to people’s disturbances of cariboo migratory paths and habitats. This has severely endangered certain populations of cariboo and completely wiped out others.

Now, quiet sleds won’t fix that, but it could be a single piece in the very large puzzle of conservation. Zero emissions in these sensitive environments could be another. 

So on that note, let’s turn our attention to this beast. 

Yep. The ski industry is on the path to a more sustainable future, too. Their livelihood depends on it. 

PistenBully has created an electrically powered groomer. For those not in the know, this monster pushes around snow on the ski hill while you’re sleeping. When you wake up, there are perfectly manicured slopes, ready for you. They are a vital organ of a ski resort, usually consisting of not one, but a fleet of them. 

The thought of replacing a dozen or more of these diesel chugging machines, going EVERY night for months on end, with a cleaner solution should make you sleep a little deeper (and ski a little better).

Then there’s heliskiing. Multitudes of operations, multiples of helicopters, burning jet fuel all day, every day… just for some laps. Granted they are good laps, but still. Can’t it be done without poopin on the earth? 

Turns out it can. But not effectively yet. 

There are a few different companies who have built electric helicopters. However, while pumping all of your power into one main rotor is one way to do it, drones have shown us that multiple rotors may offer other advantages.

Electric powered passenger drones are a thing of the present. They exist. Like, now. 

And while i’m sure every heliski company cant afford to go out and replace all of their machines with brand new “spaceships”, it offers hope for a more sustainable industry in the near future.

So what do we do when the snow melts? 

Try to get a tan, of course…


Only a few short years ago 11.87 million recreational vessels were registered in the US alone. That equates to nauseating emissions and impacts on our waterways. 

Fortunately, due to the integration of electric motors into some of these toys, we are now able to mitigate this. 

And… we can do it in style. 

Check out this beauty. 

Taiga, the makers of that sweet electric sled, have you covered on the water too. 

And they aren’t the only ones. Nikola too has introduced an electric jet ski. These toys provide plenty of power with plenty of runtime… enough to get your fill of water borne adrenalin. 

Prefer to stand, not sit? Me too. That’s why my jaw hit the floor when I discovered these…

Yup. Electric surfboards. They’re a thing. 

No swell, no worries. 

Sure, they’re a couple of bucks more, but you can’t take those dollars with you when you go, so why not? 

Alternatively if hard chillin’ on a deck is more your jam, that’s cool too. There are a number of companies offering electric boats in all shapes and sizes. 

Picture it. Cruising out on the water, no revving engines, no fumes, no guilty conscience. 

The fish will thank you. 

And while most of us will be sticking to the modest sized runabouts and party pontoons, there are options for the more… spatially inclined, too.

Superyachts can now be powered fully or partially by electricity. 

These creatures are massive by nature. Most have to incorporate diesel driven electric generators for when more power and longer distances are required. This still reduces emissions and improves efficiency when compared to their conventionally powered friends. 

And if you are going to all of the trouble to buy a superyacht, you might as well add one of these in for good measure. After all… you’d hate to be bored out there. 

Think i’m kidding. Guess again. 

Electric personal subs.

You can spend up to 8 hours at top speed down there, with 5 of your buds. 

Choose them wisely. If need be, the reserve capacity on the life support system is 96 hours. That’s plenty of time to get on each others’ nerves. But don’t worry, i’m sure someone will find you before then. 

the final thought

Well… thanks to the 1900’s we now have a whole bunch of loud, dirty toys that have kept us entertained for a while, at the Earth’s expense. So what’s the next century offering us? 

Sound sleep. That’s what.

Opt for the new school technologies of electric toys and your conscience will be free and clear of any earth tainting guilt you may host. Provided, that is, that you’ve taken the responsible steps in acquiring this energy from clean sources, you’ll be dreaming of super e-yachts and subs in no time.


Happy futur-ing

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