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best electric bike under $1000? – let me convince you otherwise

ebikes got this far, huh?

In recent decades there has been a dramatic rise in the number of cyclist commuters across the US. There’s no wonder why ebikes have been the next step in the clean commute revolution.

They’re quiet, efficient and cheap to run. More nimble than a car, with a much better view.

Oh, and way more fun.

Let’s look at some basics.


Let’s face it. Cost is probably the biggest contributing factor when you first start looking at ebikes. Be forewarned, ebikes are not inexpensive. However, they are a good investment.

And here’s why.

If you are in the position to replace your car for an ebike on your daily commute, you’ll be saving a ton of gas money. Based on fuel alone, they are essentially 3 times less expensive than cars to operate. Not to mention the cost of parking or tolls (or parking fines…). Do those sums quickly and tell me what it adds up to over a couple of years. 

But let’s face it, everyone isn’t in this situation. What if you can’t replace your car for the drive to work?

How about those quick runs to the store? Bread and milk, coffee dates, to check the surf… the beer run.


More often than not, they’re within the range of an ebike’s capacity.

Now this is where the cost comes in.

In this realm, you truly get what you pay for. You can buy an ebike for under $1000. And they will perform. However, there are two questions that should be asked:

What are you compromising?

How long do I want this investment to last?

If you were looking at the $1000 range, even a bump up to $1500 will see a significant increase in quality and longevity.

And the longer we keep it, the cheaper it becomes, due to us getting more use out of it (I’m a glass half full kinda guy). 

Not to mention, with better quality bikes we get better efficiency and safety components. Reliable brakes and lights go a long way when you need them.

Heck… some even phone charging ports! How’s that for safety?

When investing a little more upfront on a decent one, ebikes hold their resale value quite well. They are a purchase that not everyone can afford, so second hand sellers see high buyer demand. This increases prices.  A good thing if you’d like to upgrade later.

the price range?

ebikes range from $1,500 to very, very expensive. Let’s just say we’ll cap our upper limit at the $10,000 mark. Most things above this are entering the highly specialised realm.

Some companies provide financing, making them more accessible and more affordable.

okay… so how far do they really go?

Well, on the low end of the spectrum, we are looking at around 18 miles. This number increases as you increase your pedalling efforts. So the more you help, the further you go.

Kinda like life.

And on the high end…the Guinness world record holder company Delfast, holds 228 miles on one charge. This bike does, however, look like a burly downhill mountain bike had a baby with a 125cc dirt bike.

Still.  It’s classed as an ebike.

Generally though, the midrange figure for a commuter or towney is around 25 miles.

what kind of bikes are out there?

Surprisingly… tons! As we’ve discussed, there’s commuters and motorcycle-esque bikes. But there’s also cruisers, cargo haulers, kid haulers, road bikes, trail and downhill bikes…

Even bikes that’ll store in your trunk, office or locker.

Or bikes designed to be ridden to the station, folded up, and brought with you.

That’s how far the niche has evolved. And it’s early days yet.

and the benefits?

There are many.

Faster, easier hill climbs. Quicker commutes than your archaic old beater bike. Further range, allowing you to ditch the car. No paid parking. No traffic fines. More fresh air. More exercise. Better moods. Less traffic. Less sweaty armpits. More street cred. No limits on after work soda pops. Great for getting back into exercise. Makes for a great sightseeing vehicle. Quiet. Cheap. More sustainability. More fun.

I’ll stop there… however the list keeps going.

the final word

The ebike industry is here to stay. Not only that, with the green energy revolution it is poised to thrive. And while they may get cheaper over time, the sooner you get in, the sooner you start reaping the rewards.

Remember. You get what you pay for. And what you want is a quality investment that’ll last years.

Just think… your solar power system. Charging your ebike for your daily commute. Now that’s an image worth manifesting.

Heck, why not throw your electric vehicle into the vision while you’re at it.

Thanks sun!


Happy futur-ing


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