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Azelio – the missing link

who are they?

Azelio is the Swedish based company responsible for the upcoming disruption to our energy crisis. Simply put, they have figured out a solution to one of the world’s biggest challenges:

How to provide cheap, clean, renewable power, where it’s needed, when it’s needed, 24/7.

I mean… that’s the ultimate energy goal. And they’ve nailed it.

This is the beginning of mass scale change like we’ve never seen, especially for developing countries. Paired with solar and/ or wind, it provides round the clock, clean electricity. It can be installed in remote communities as a stand alone system, with the potential to supply between 100 KW – 100 MW of power.

We’re talking multiple thousands of homes.

That’s a game changer.

In the words of Bo Dankis, Azelio’s CEO:

“The opportunity for sustainable growth has never been greater”

what are they doing?

It’s quite ingenious really.

Firstly, Azelio has implemented the use of an impressive invention called the Stirling engine. This technology has been around for over 200 years, and is a surprisingly simple contraption.

Essentially a medium (more on this in a minute) is used to create a compression/ expansion process within a  motor. This then turns a crankshaft, powering a large generator…

And the electricity flows!

The genius behind the system comes from the coupling of Thermal Energy Storage (TES) with the engine.

Didn’t do so well in Physics?

Simply put, the system uses heat to run the motor. That heat needs to initially come from somewhere, be stored, then used when needed.

Heat storage… Think of it like a Thermos.

Azelio, after many years of research, has utilized aluminum as it’s lifeforce to the system.

the process

An array of mirrors on the ground point to a tower holding the recycled aluminum. These redirect the sun’s rays (and therefore heat) to a specific point. A receiver collects the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and uses it to heat an element, melting the aluminum. The aluminum melts at 600ºC (1112ºF) to become a liquid.

In the event that the mirrors aren’t enough, wind or solar panels can provide the system with the electricity needed to heat the aluminum.

At this point, the system is able to store the thermal energy for 13 hours. During this window, a liquid sodium solution (or heat transfer fluid) is used to draw the heat from the aluminum to then power the Stirling engine.

Voila! Solar originated electricity throughout the night!

Zero emissions. Ultra low cost. 90% Efficient. Minimum maintenance required.

Nailed it.

why aluminum?

Aluminum, first and foremost, can be obtained from recycled sources. We have an abundance of it around. Not to mention the current facilities already exist for it’s recycling.

Secondly, it suffers no degradation over time. The implications of this are huge.

Essentially, aluminum can change states (from molten to solid) indefinitely without any loss of functionality. This means that the entire system has incredible longevity built into its design.

Third, the system can use some of the heat created in the process to provide  65ºC (149ºF) while operating. This heat is ideal for industrial and commercial heating applications as well as climate controls.

here’s how it works

is this happening yet?

Better believe it.

After proving their design in a number of smaller scale projects, Azelio has now implemented their system on a larger scale in Morocco.

If you haven’t heard, Morocco is one country leading the world on the renewable energy front. As of this year (2020) it is aiming for 42% of the country’s total electricity to come from renewable sources.

That’s a massive step in the right direction.


MASEN (Moroccan Agency for Sustainable ENergy) is a major player in the country’s overall energy strategy. Together they have collaborated to see a full scale, working installation of Azelio’s system in late 2019.

The installation will allow an opportunity to assess how the entire system operates on a utility scale. This will provide essential feedback and analysis potential. Data collected here will be used to make any refinements to the system before mass production starts.

Azelio plans on delivering it’s first commercial projects in 2020, following up with large volume deliveries in 2021.


Furthermore, Azelio has been working alongside Datang New Energy, a company in China proposing a 10 Gigawatt solar project, with storage. This is due for completion in 2030 by implementing 1GW of solar energy per year until then. 

Work between these companies has been ongoing for a decade.

on the horizon

Azelio’s initial markets are focused on China and the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa.). Condensed Solar Power  technology works best with lots of sun, so naturally regions within the earth’s sunbelt will be the primary targets.

As technology advances and builds on itself, the scope will broaden.

Most of the production of their systems will happen in their ex- Volvo production facility in Uddevalla, Sweden.

The units will then be shipped worldwide in standard sized shipping containers, and installed by third parties.

what does all this mean?

Well… simply put, Azelio has just changed the game.

Because this system is supplied all packaged up in shipping containers, it is deliverable almost anywhere.

Because this system will be produced en masse, it’s costs can remain low.

And due to its design, it will produce an abundance of clean, renewable, sustainable electricity, for a long, long time, with minimal inputs.

This means a reduction in global emissions from energy production for a start.

But it also means power to rural communities who may not have had this opportunity up until now. And with this technology being scalable, energy hubs can be set up to supply entire remote regions with sustainable energy.

Think about it. This has the potential to bring electricity to billions of people who currently don’t have access to it.

Yup. Billions of people will benefit.

Better quality of life, better access to education and health via technology, better living conditions. More opportunities and business potential.

And the effects will stem even farther still.

Think about the incredible contributions the world will see made by those who are presently “cut-off” from the technological realm.

so what does it mean for you?

The implementation of this technology may be a few years away in your particular area, from a utility perspective. But that’s not to say that you can’t directly benefit from it until then.

Have an ounce of entrepreneurship in you?

How does microgrid development sound? Providing renewable energy to your rural community. A little crowdfunding, a little investor contribution and you could be a small scale utility company.

Sounds pretty sweet… invest once, continual returns, minimal operating expenses. 

Or how about benefiting through the stock market?

It doesn’t take a Wall Street wolf to recognize that this company is going to see massive growth. This growth is already underway and is forecast to move even more rapidly once mass production starts.

What happens to stock prices when business booms?

Yup. You guessed it.

the final thought

Disruptive… Yup. To the fossil fuel industry.

Beneficial… Yup, to both humanity and the planet at large (oh, and perhaps to your stock portfolio).

Thanks to the good folks at Azelio, they have solved one of the world’s major energy problems.

And the implementation of this technology is only in its infancy. With one major installation currently operational and many new ones on the horizon, the future is looking incredibly bright for this Swedish company.

Happy futur-ing

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