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Hey folks, I'm mj. I live in a gorgeous inland temperate rainforest in BC, where i get to enjoy countless facets of nature on the daily. This setting allows me to play in the outdoors in every season with my beautiful family. I'm on a mission to play a role in helping preserve our natural world, so that our collective progeny may also enjoy it for years to come.

fiat ev

watch this space

here, we will be exploring the world of the tinkerers.    To give you a sneak peek, this is where you will come to learn how to make a custom solar generator.  It’s where you will come to learn that you can convert your car to an EV yourself. It’s where you will figure out …

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solar generators

Say what? That’s right. Clean power, anywhere you need it, when you need it. Solar powered generators are a real thing. Read on and imagine the possibilities. what is a solar generator? Essentially, a solar generator is your home solar kit, shrunk. It consists of panels, an inverter, charge controller and batteries. Take it to …

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